June 21, 2024

Sega Genesis Mini Retro Console


In 1989, the Sega Genesis became Nintendo’s newest competition in the video game industry. The original version of this game console was Sega’s fourth generation video game system and a successor to Sega’s previous game system, the Sega Master System. The Sega Master System (SMS) made its debut on June 1986 in America to compete against its 8 bit counterpart the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In Japan, this system was known as the Sega Mark III. In America, Sega didn’t come close to beating its competition with Nintendo who owned 95% of the game sales during that time period.

Now thirty years later on September 2019, Sega relaunched this past favorite console as the Sega Genesis Mini, which includes 42 favorite classic games pre-installed on the system! There is no need to go out and buy games at an additional cost! This miniaturized version of the Genesis includes HDMI output for HDTV so no adapters are necessary. It also includes two wired three-button Genesis controllers similar to the original.

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