July 12, 2024

Get the New “Friends” Lego Set! The 25th Anniversary Lego “Central Perk” Set

Friends legos set

If you have a friend who loves the TV show Friends, here is a cute nostalgic gift idea for them. LEGO has released their own Friends themed Lego set this Fall! Almost everyone played with Legos when they were kids and the TV sitcom Friends was one of the most popular television shows in the Nineties. Now you can combine these two nostalgic memories into one gift! To celebrate the hit television show’s 25 anniversary this year, you get Lego’s Central Perk set which recreates brick by brick the show’s popular coffee shop set where your favorite characters like to hang out. This set even includes minifigures of Chandler, Joey, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe as well as the Central Perk’s lead barista Gunther! @LEGOIdeas tweeted out this cute Twitter post comparing the original cast today to their lego minifigure counterparts!
Friends Lego Minifigures


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